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Nikko-Yuba  HIMEMASU-Salmon


 It is new, it is tasty, you can experience!

We selected. The United States and the vegetable of the non agricultural chemical and, the pig which raises with splendid environment, the fish.

I cook using those because of you, with utmost effort

We wait for the fact that you come in the pleasure.


               The Dining NANTAI Chef  Hisayoshi Mabuchi

Only here unique cooking which cannot taste.

Tradition and originality, basis and application.

The Japanese cooking and French, numerous fusion of Italian and the like.

We probably will be this store being unique, it is possible to make you enjoy certainly with cooking which is tasty


As a countermeasure

against infectious diseases

Please disinfect with alcohol and wear a face mask before coming to the store.

Persons with poor physical condition cannot enter the store

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