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Nikko-Yuba  HIMEMASU-Salmon


 It is new, it is tasty, you can experience!

Grilled meal of Kokanee and Yuba        ¥2,400+tax

Set meal of grilled trout and Yuba          ¥2,100+tax

Grilled meal of Kokanee             ¥2,150+tax

Yuba set meal                    ¥1,450+tax

 Tochigi sum pig has swine "superb" Cutlets ¥1,750+tax

Rainbow trout of butter set meal      ¥1,450+tax

Piping hot porridge tempura set of Yuba and mushrooms


Fried bowl of sunlight production kind of trout fish


Soy milk of raising Yuba carbonara      ¥1,150+tax

Simmering raw yuba soy milk chillin buckwheat ¥1,150+tax

Chuzenji Lake Kokanee grilled                    ¥1,800over+tax

Mountain stream fish grilled char, kind of trout fish


Raising Yuba sashimi            ¥800+taxCook alignment of the winding Yuba and vegetables¥600円+tax

Tempura platter of Toji fried vegetables and shrimp¥900+tax

Crispy Yuba salad Caesar style         ¥800+tax

Betsubara set (dessert and drinks)          ¥300+tax


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